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This is an art gallery by a Finnish blogger, SusuPetal.

SusuPetal was born in 2005, the person writing SusuPetal a little bit earlier.

My other blogs:

My Homepages

SusuPetal (fiction in Finnish)

SusuPetal -kuva ja sana (photos and words in Finnish)

SusuPetal -RunoSaari (poems in Finnish for children)

SusuPetal in English (fiction and poems, sometimes even facts in English)

SusuPetal på svenska (my Swedish blog)

SusuPetal goes Video (home made videos)

susupetal photo gallery

Keskiäkäisen Garderobi

Lumppuja ja Lureksia (a co-blog about fashion seen in a different way)

I also post occasionally in the co-blog One World


Too many blogs…???? Do you really think so!!!!

Feel free to leave a comment -I’ll promise an answer in Finnish, Swedish or English.

all photos copyright by susupetal

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